Now available to download!

Are you game for a challenge that could also score you a job?

A new free cell phone game for Android called Team C4 has been launched in South Africa. See if you have what it takes to be a customer care star. Make sure you download the game and start playing!

Why customer service?

South Africa is a leading customer service destination with approximately 215,000 people employed in the industry. This career only requires matric so you will be surrounded by young people. You’ll be able to earn good money straight out of school and work yourself up the ladder. It’s a fun work environment with all the necessary chill areas!

The Game


Imagine Grumpsters have invaded your city. They are small mischievous creatures that sabotage technology to cause havoc and drive citizens nuts. Luckily, there is Team C4, a special task team of customer care agents who fight back. In the game, you become part of Team C4 as you deal with a number of problems, which have been caused by the Grumpsters. To help citizens, you need to make the right decisions as quickly as possible. There are four mission and time is running out – only a good score will unlock the next levels. In this exciting adventure, players help them to fix broken systems and manage complaining citizens.

Landing the job – powered by BPESA

By joining the Team C4 you put skills to the test necessary to get a job in the call centre sector and you also gradually compile a profile page, which acts as a CV. This information will be accessible to recruitment agents. When showing interest and the right potential, players may be contacted for job opportunities in their area.