Gandhi prison interactive museum project in South Africa seeks funding

Famous prisoner exhibit
The old Burger Street prison in Pietermaritzburg has exceptional historic significance for South Africa and its people. The building is a monument for the ill-treatment of human rights in South Africa during colonial rule and Apartheid regime.

Formula D interactive has been commissioned by Project Gateway to present a conceptual road map for the creation of a state of the art museum within the walls of the prison. Whilst maintaining the original layout and harsh features of the location, the proposed exhibits enhance the authentic experience with information graphics as well as cutting edge multimedia displays.

Technology Education versus Design Education?

It is a chicken-and-egg-question: What drives innovation? Technology or Design? What inspires what and what came first? One can follow an an interesting debate around the subject in a post (and comments) by Bruce Nussbaum in Businessweek. Don Norman has an interesting point when shaking the tree with his statement Technology first, invention second, needs last. But what is actually the essential difference between technology and design?

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