Toppling Godsigner – Jenna Mervis talks to Cape Town’s Mugendi M’Rithaa about Transformative Design

“…Participatory design is almost a reaction against taking the end-user for granted. We’re saying that there is an embedded or tacit knowledge which the consumer has that will enrich the design process. Designers too can learn something in this relationship. We learn more about the context and the consumer becomes more visually literate, more design conscious. It is actually in our interest as designers to co-create with the consumer, because then they start to appreciate our role and our work even better…”

The Open Budgets Game: A serious game for civil society organisations

In this Pecha Kucha style talk, Michael Wolf presents the potential of serious games and edutainment to enhance learning. He uses the example of the Open Budgets Game, which has recently been designed by Formula D interactive, Michael’s design company.

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