Blending Technology and Education: Game Lab expands reach to a second school

The Learning Innovation Design Lab is a not-for-profit initiative launched by Formula D interactive in 2014 with the goal of bringing together designers, technology partners, learners and teachers, to find solutions to problems within the context of formal education. One of the projects launched by the Learning Innovation Design Lab is Game Lab. Game Lab is […]

Rethinking the process of museum making

Entrance sculpture

Khayelitsha, Cape Town’s biggest township, needs a museum to commemorate the area’s violent history of state-sanctioned racism, political activism and forced evictions. However, the precarious poverty situation in the neighbourhood bears the risk of resistance against any development that may not be seen as an immediate improvement of residents’ living conditions. To address this and other challenges, Formula D interactive devised an alternative approach to museum making. By means of technology tools, service design and interaction design, the project focuses on community engagement and collective oral history recording as a foundation for the new museum.

ibali – speaking public furniture design to inspire citizens

ibali is a public furniture design concept designed by Johan du Toit and Michael Wolf from Formula D interactive in their spare time. ibali offers an extra service to city dwellers: It inspires. A recent city branding initiative gave Cape Town the title: City of Inspiration. Cape Town and its citizens are rich with inspirational people and stories that are linked to specific places and streets in Cape Town. ibali – space of inspiration aims at creating islands of inspiration in the city allowing citizens to step out of the stream of everyday life to get a dose of hope and inspiration.

Gandhi prison interactive museum project in South Africa seeks funding

Famous prisoner exhibit
The old Burger Street prison in Pietermaritzburg has exceptional historic significance for South Africa and its people. The building is a monument for the ill-treatment of human rights in South Africa during colonial rule and Apartheid regime.

Formula D interactive has been commissioned by Project Gateway to present a conceptual road map for the creation of a state of the art museum within the walls of the prison. Whilst maintaining the original layout and harsh features of the location, the proposed exhibits enhance the authentic experience with information graphics as well as cutting edge multimedia displays.

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