Examples of Non-traditional Interfaces for Education in South Africa

As a specialised design consultancy for interactive learning environments and tools, Formula D interactive has gained valuable project experience in designing non-traditional interfaces for digital educational content and tools in the culturally diverse context of South Africa. The aim of this paper, the final version of which has been published by Springer is to share the company’s experience in the field using prominent examples of their recent work, related research and user testing in order to discuss the merit of large-scale interactive surfaces, gesture-based and tangible interfaces in culturally diverse contexts. The company’s work includes interactive displays for science centres and museums as well as digital learning tools for classroom environments.

The Saudi Food and Drug Authority works with South African design company to produce state of the art multi-touch wall

Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) has turned to South African design company, Formula D interactive, to create an innovative multi-touch wall that will enable the Authority to communicate its vision and responsibilities to the general public and VIP guests in an original and engaging way. In a market saturated with food and drugs products […]

Multitouch table helps young people to understand how personal choices affect their lives

The ability to choose is one of the things that makes us human. But making decisions is not always easy. The consequences of one bad decision can affect the rest of our lives. What happens when you’re faced with a difficult choice? Say you’ve just completed high school. Do you get a job or study further?  How do you know what to do? Which path is the right one to choose?

For young people in Uitenhage, Formula D’s Life Choices Touch Table Game is helping them to understand how personal choices affect their lives.

Product design in Cape Town: An interview with Johan du Toit

“Design is an open ended exercise at the best of times, but early involvement narrows the target area. The different design disciplines involved in a project should also work as a team, to align efforts. Branding, communication and product designers often work in isolation from each other leading to an incoherent result.”

Opportunities and challenges of digital interactive media in museums and science centres

Museums, Science centres, zoos and aquariums are undergoing a transition with regards to funding, mission and adaptation to a new generation of visitors and their expectations and needs. Digital technology has become part of our everyday lives. Still, it seems that museums, science centres, zoos and aquariums only very slowly embrace new interactive display technology. This text takes a glimpse at the opportunities and challenges of new media technology in these environments offering professionals an overview and inspiration to adapt new technology in their facility.

Gold Loerie Award for interactive digital museum exhibition design

Two of this year’s Loerie Awards were awarded to Formula D interactive and partners for their work on the recently opened Museum of Science and Technology of Islam in Saudi Arabia. Loerie gold was given in the Digital Craft category for the overall design excellence achieved. The outstanding timeline multitouch table was awarded silver. Commissioned […]

Multimedia innovation centre in Pretoria showcases cutting edge media technology for the public sector

The Centre for Public Service Innovation (CPSI) has opened the doors to its multimedia innovation centre in Pretoria which aims at creating a learning and incubation facility for the public sector on innovation implementation, in support of government’s efforts to entrench the culture and practice of innovation. Inaugurated in June 2010 by Minister for Public […]

Cape Town design firms develop giant interactive touch-table for Saudi museum

How would a museum display a timeline of more than 300 historic events across 1500 years of history in an interactive, entertaining and innovative way?

This was only one of the challenges set for two Cape Town-based design companies who teamed up to produce twenty interactive exhibits for a newly opened museum in Saudi Arabia. Appointed by exhibition maker MTE Studios to design a variety of multimedia displays, Formula D Interactive and Wireframe Studio played a leading role in the making of what will become known as Saudi Arabia’s most sophisticated museum.

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