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We're crowd funding the Play to Learn Lab on Thundafund! Read more about our crowd funding campaign or visit Thundfund to find out how you can get involved.


Greetings fellow designers and design firms! As the initiators of the Learning Innovation Design Lab, Formula D interactive recognizes that we need other design firms and designers from a wide range of disciplines, including interaction design, product design, communication and service design, to partner with us and help us achieve our goals.

Learning experts!

Are you a learning institution, teacher or learner and interested in co-designing and testing tools to help you to learn or teach? We are looking for partner schools, universities, and education institutions that can help designers by providing insights into the day-to-day learning and teaching practices.


A key motivator for starting this non-profit design initiative for education is the hope that we will be able to interact with the respective government departments more easily. Are you with the City, Provincial Government or tackling education on a national level? We need your input and support!

Funding partners!

Are you with a foundation or company who would like to support this initiative financially? Rest assured, the Learning Innovation Design Lab is a non-profit initiative. If successful, our achievements will be for the greater good of South Africa. The Learning Innovation Design Lab adheres to the principles of open-source development, meaning that any content or solutions developed will be made freely available.