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Natural Learning Interfaces
Design for Learning
World Design Capital 2014 Project


Researchers are calling for 21st century learning. This idea encompasses the need for skills development in media literacy, collaboration and communication, the ability to constantly challenge the status quo and innovate if necessary, problem solving, responsibility and ethics.
It's no longer simply just about content, but rather about acquiring the tools and skills for life-long learning.

The prevalent learning experience

  • Learning is disconnected from ‘real-life’ experiences of learners.
  • Learning is seen as work, even by primary school kids.
  • Learning is usually restricted to a classroom environment.
  • Learners are divided into age groups irrespective of personal development.
  • Insufficient integration of information technology and interfaces.
  • Learners have little or no influence on learning content and methods.

The new learning experience

  • Learning is rewarding and propelled through curiosity.
  • Learning is linked to real world experiences and challenges.
  • Learning is linked to real world experiences and challenges.
  • Learning is open to activities outside of the classroom.
  • Study groups are flexible toward personal interest and progress.
  • Learners influence what they learn and how.