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    City Spec
    VPUU - 2017
    CitySpec is a mobile inspection tool that helps civil society organisations and community workers to monitor and administer basic service delivery in informal settlements.
    CitySpec Mobile Application created by Formula D interactive

    2014 Better Living Challenge Winner
  • City Spec
    In response to a problem that strikes at the very heart of South Africa’s stability, together with Violence Prevention Through Urban Upgrading (VPUU) we developed a mobile inspection tool: Cityspec. The app is specifically designed to help civil society organisations effectively monitor basic facilities and identify service delivery bottlenecks that disrupt so many lives in informal settlements.

    Our mobile app development team put together an application that equips community workers to log reports in the field, take photos and capture GPS data automatically. A linked database enables the community workers to access parts lists with reference drawings to describe possible faults as precisely as possible.

    The system also provides a browser-based control centre for co-ordinators to
    create and track tasks for specific workers, inspection items and areas. It will allow appropriate data mining tools to visualise and extract information needed by the city to carry out immediate remedial work. In addition, community workers on their way to inspection sites can also use the device to report incidents such as fire and crime.

    Cityspec also provides a web based control centre for coordinators to create and track tasks for specific workers, inspection items and areas. Ultimately, the system generates data for reports needed by the city to action immediate remedial work.