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    Stellenbosch Museum - 2014
    We designed and custom built an interactive projection display, featuring graphical animations and voice overs, that would take visitors to the Stellenbosch Museum through historic events that had occurred within the region.
    Stellenbosch History Museum Timeline was created by Formula D interactive
     Stellenbosch History Timeline Exhibit was created by Formula D interactive

  • Stellenbosch Museum
    Stellenbosch Museum Manager, Debbie Gabriels, knew that an interactive display would attract more tourists and visitors to the museum. Agreeing wholeheartedly with this sentiment, our team of product designers and developers set out to create an audio-visual interactive historic timeline.

    The four-metre wide interactive projection displays animated graphics and voiceover narrations as visitors move a dial mounted on a stand in the centre of the room.

    Moving the dial clockwise takes the visitor forward along the timeline of historic events that occurred in the Stellenbosch region while turning the dial anti-clockwise will take the visitor backwards in time.
    “The historic timeline displayed in a digital format, is a creative, fun way to tell the history of Stellenbosch, it is visually appealing and easy for visitors to interact with it,” adds Debbie Gabriels.