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    Durban Natural Science Museum

    Durban Natural Science Museum - 2014

    To immerse visitors in the fascinating aspects of the natural environment of our planet as well as educate them on how they can positively affect it, our team of exhibit designers put together two multitouch interactive tables and applications.

  • Durban Natural Science Museum

    The Durban Natural Science Museum, the most utilised natural science museum in South Africa with almost 300 000 visitors annually, is designed to share information about the earth and life on the planet both past and present.

    To provide an interactive experience that educated visitors on both natural and man-made phenomena that affects our planet, as well as how we can live more harmoniously on it, our museum exhibition design team put together two multitouch interactive tables and screen applications.

    The Living Planet application gives visitors a 3D interactive Earth with touch points all over the globe. Visitors can rotate the digital global and select touch points that catch their fancy, opening up information on topics on ranging from El Nino to Urbanisation.
    The application also includes animations depicting the earth’s carbon cycle as well as an internal view of the planet showing the layers from outer crust to inner core. A time-lapse sequence displayed how the continents have formed, changed and shifted over the millennia.

    Our Green Team Game plays out on a multitouch table with 4 different characters each representing an element of the environment, namely water, energy, food and waste. The characters, a mudskipper, firefly, cane rat and dung beetle, present the player with illustrated scenes and scenarios. Players earn Earth Tokens for answering the questions presented correctly.