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    Joburg Zoo Wetlands Application

    Johannesburg Botanical Gardens - 2015

    We designed the Joburg Zoo Wetlands App to teach users, in both English and Sesotho, about the flora and fauna of the wetlands regions.

  • Joburg Zoo Wetlands Application

    A mobile tablet application, in both English and Sesotho, was created for the Johannesburg Zoo, in South Africa. It was designed with four sections that educate and engage users on various aspects of the wetland region.

    The first section features a 360 panorama of the wetlands with icons for the various varieties of flora and fauna. Tapping on any icon brings up more information about that plant or animal, including images of it in the real world.

    The mobile application also features two slideshows sections, one on the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens and a second on “What is a Wetland.”

    Finally, users can enjoy the Wetlands Warrior Quiz where they need to match images of the flora and fauna from the region with their correct name.