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    Leopard’s Leap

    Leopard's Leap - 2012

    The interactive wall projection at the Leopard’s Leap visitor centre in Franshoek employs motion tracking to allow visitors to discover information about leopards and conservancy just as a researcher in the field would.

  • Leopard’s Leap

    Recognising that education is the key to protecting Cape Mountain Leopards, Leopard’s Leap Wine Farm employed our experienced exhibit designers to conceptualise and build an educational leopard display for their visitor centre in Franshoek.

    The result is a motion tracking interactive wall projection loaded with game-enhancing technology. The 3-meter projection loops realistically rendered animations of Cederberg landscapes where three different sets of day and night scenes are displayed.

    When visitors step in front of the wall, their virtual avatars appear on the screen in front of them. Each visitor is randomly assigned an avatar and up to 3 people can interact simultaneously with the multimedia application.
    The interactive wall projection is embedded with information about leopards and conservation. But this is no run-of-the-mill infographic. Players are encouraged to discover content by themselves, just as a researcher would in the field. Moving freely across the floor, each player can trigger different hotspots on the screen, uncovering information as they go.

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