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    Moorreesburg Tangible City

    Moorreesburg Wheat Museum - 2012

    Our custom-built hands-on 3D exhibit makes use of multitouch tables with object recognition and allows visitors to explore four 360-degree panoramas that display information on the area between 1800 and 2012.

  • Moorreesburg Tangible City

    The Moorreesburg Wheat Industry Museum is one of only four in the world where the history of wheat is depicted. To celebrate this valuable and interesting history, our exhibition design team custom built a special hands-on 3D exhibit.

    Using multitouch table object recognition technology, we created a unique, colourful and attractive table-top with which visitors could interact with. By selecting one of four large tokens shaped to represent people from different eras and placing the token on specially allocated spaces on the table, visitors could active the two screens mounted onto the exhibit.
    Rotating the 3D exhibit tokens allows the visitor to then explore the 360-degree panoramic of the Moorreesburg area on the screens displaying images of what the area would have looked like during the associated era. Multiple highlight points along the panoramic open more information and images for the visitor to explore.

    The four 3D exhibit tokens represent four eras, spanning from 1800 to 2012.