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    Nelson Mandela Bay Science Centre

    Nelson Mandela Bay Science Centre - 2013

    The interactive Floor Projection Recycling Game, Virtual Chemistry Lab table with object recognition and the Life Choices touch screen table game engage young visitors and encourage learning and critical thinking.

  • Nelson Mandela Bay Science Centre

    Exposing young learners to science and chemistry is one of the goals of the Nelson Mandela Bay Science Centre. To this end, our science exhibit design team created the Virtual Chemistry Lab table with object recognition. It gives learners the opportunity to navigate digital content information by placing physical cards onto the table’s glass surface. Learners can learn through experimenting with chemicals reactions without any risks of real life burns!

    Additionally, to help promote recycling and teach young people to separate waste, rather than an ordinary recycling exhibit our team of science exhibit developers created the interactive Floor Projection Recycling Game. A large interactive image is projected onto the floor of the Nelson Mandela Bay Science Centre and players use a real broom to sort several types of virtual waste into their correct waste containers.
    As a final interactive exhibit, our team realised that it is also important to empower the youth to tackle difficult real-world decisions with confidence and so created the It's Your Choices: Life Choices game. Embedded in a multitouch table, the game presents players with animated scenarios and personal choices affecting their lives. Players must navigate through ‘life’ making choices that change the outcome of each stage along the way. They are confronted with possible consequences of their decisions throughout the game. Depending on the choices made by players, the game projects different possible outcomes in the future.

    All of these interactive science exhibit designs are available to be added to your centre or museum. Contact us for more information.